Rose Moscato Herbal Smokes (12pk)
Rose Moscato Herbal Smokes (12pk)
Rose Moscato Herbal Smokes (12pk)

Rose Moscato Herbal Smokes (12pk)

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These are made with real Moscato wine and fragrant Red Roses
Have you been stressed out, coughing, can't sleep, built-up mucus in lungs, tight chest, spitting all the time and have dry mouth? We would love to help relieve you of these symptoms today!
Heal bronchitis, asthma and damaged lungs with our soothing organic (10) herb blend that was carefully created to heal, calm and relax the respiratory system.


Organic Mullein
Heals respiratory system 

Organic Damiana
Good mood enhancer 

Organic Catnip
Aids in restlessness 

Organic Peppermint 
Refresh and invigorate 

Organic Lavender
Arouses the senses

Organic Rose Petals
Aromatic stimulate 

Organic Eucalyptus
Removes sinus congestion 

Organic White Sage
Promotes healthy memory 

Organic Lemon Balm
Calms and soothe 

Organic Raspberry Leaf
Reverses and neutralizes nicotine

Made with Moscato Wine
and fragrant Red Roses
Has natural and artificial flavors