About Us


I started this company to help people who smoke cigarettes to transition to smoking Herbal Smokes because cigarettes can and has harmed millions of individuals, especially people of color. My Herbal Smokes are organic, all natural and full of benefits whereas cigarettes have no benefits what so ever.

Herbal Smokes helps the respiratory system, removes built-up mucus and clears the nasal path associated with sinus issues. As well as many other benefits of promoting healthy memory and alertness, calmness, relaxation and good mood enhancer.

I'm so excited to see how much my company has grown and continues to grow to help and heal so many people from the inside out, I just love my tribe. The continual support and love I receive from them are why Herbal Smokes is where it is today.

Herbal Smokes Company continues to Thrive today because of the foundation it was based on (LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE) not money.